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Orthognathic surgery: To die for a beautiful face

January 28, 2013 Leave a comment


I suffer from condylar hyperplasia where one side of my face is longer than the other side. My only wish is to undergo orthognathic surgery to correct my condition. It causes migraines, problems in chewing and ticking noises while yawning. But these problems are miniscule compared to the pain it causes mentally. I cannot look at my pictures or even the mirror. I cannot look at people in the eye in public because i dont want anyone to notice my deformity.

Right now i cant afford the surgery as my country doesnt put in under insurance. I am a student and my mother wont pay for it. All she has to say is that she lived her life with a acne scared face why cant i with a crooked face.

What she doesnt understand is that i am 22 and have my whole life infront of me and this surgery could could turn my life around. I have zero confidence in myself because my face is a mess.

But i am ready to undergo this surgery which can cause loss of sensation in certain parts of my face, it can cause trauma to blood vessels which go to the brain and cause death in minutes.

But i dont care. I want a symmetrical normal looking face. It seems impossible right now but i will start earning next year and may be then i will be able to get it done under medical loan or something.



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