Orthognathic surgery: To die for a beautiful face

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I suffer from condylar hyperplasia where one side of my face is longer than the other side. My only wish is to undergo orthognathic surgery to correct my condition. It causes migraines, problems in chewing and ticking noises while yawning. But these problems are miniscule compared to the pain it causes mentally. I cannot look at my pictures or even the mirror. I cannot look at people in the eye in public because i dont want anyone to notice my deformity.

Right now i cant afford the surgery as my country doesnt put in under insurance. I am a student and my mother wont pay for it. All she has to say is that she lived her life with a acne scared face why cant i with a crooked face.

What she doesnt understand is that i am 22 and have my whole life infront of me and this surgery could could turn my life around. I have zero confidence in myself because my face is a mess.

But i am ready to undergo this surgery which can cause loss of sensation in certain parts of my face, it can cause trauma to blood vessels which go to the brain and cause death in minutes.

But i dont care. I want a symmetrical normal looking face. It seems impossible right now but i will start earning next year and may be then i will be able to get it done under medical loan or something.


I hate myself! Why cant i resist food??

November 11, 2012 Leave a comment

i hav gained back all weight in a months time! no exercise n eating crap all day.

I will eat healthy. cannot see my tummy. love handles n bra strap fat too embarrassing. hands r lik an old woman. face looks crooked n chubby. jeans too tight. hideous cant meet ne1. back to square 1 lik a loser. like a fool. ashamed of myself.

Women with perfect jawlines!

October 15, 2012 1 comment

Some famous, some not so famous women who have been blessed with sharp, angular, strong and symmetrical jawlines.















My Yo-yo weight loss issues!

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In January this year I joined a gym, my weight was 53 kg to begin with.

I worked very hard in the gym, did cardio for around 40 minutes everyday. I also dieted, avoided fried food, bread, cakes, colas and other calorie rich food. Within 3 months I lost 5 kgs and my weight was down to 48 kgs.

I had a 3 month membership in my gym so I was back to my sedentary lifestyle by May. Everyone said I looked thin. Some said I looked like a kid. So i decided to stop the extreme dieting and loosen up myself.

By July I was a fit looking girl at 50 kgs. I thought my weight is stabilized and that I have to just maintain it at that.

Little did I know where I was heading.

shakira fitI joined the gym again in august, to maintain my fitness level. But this time no matter how much I tried I couldn’t lose a pound! My weight increased infront of my eyes from 50 to 52 kgs in one month inspite of exercising regularly.

My body was accustomed to my exercises and it didn’t react much to my gym efforts. I guess it only responded when I dieted.

So now I am back to square one, I am 52kgs and totally frustrated. I have no option but to go on a diet this time. But this time I know that if I loosen up I will fail my goal of looking fit.

I am about 152cm tall, and I feel Shakira has the ideal body for people of my height.

Even if I lose weight, I don’t lose my tummy.

This time I will tone up and lose weight at the same time.

But being on a diet is tricky, if you’re too loose with it, it won’t work and if you’re too strict you won’t be able to follow it. I have failed several times because of these two reasons. This time I am just going on a healthy diet where include fruits and vegetables and stay away from fast food.

Fast food is the main culprit for people’s weight gain. This time I will stay away as much as possible from burgers, pizza, pattice, croissants, cold drinks and finger chips.

I am a huge bread lover and that’s my biggest problem. I need to restrict my bread consumption!

With all this planned out, I hope to be around 49 kgs by January next year.

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Shruti Haasan makeover thanks to weight loss and plastic surgery

July 26, 2011 1 comment

Shruti Haasan is an Indian actress, daughter of actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika.
shruti hassanshruti hassan fat

She was a plump girl with a poor dressing sense and terrible hair just a few years back.

Now she looks absolutely stunning with her sharp facial features and perfect curves.

Shruti Haasan says she needs to regularize her workout regimen to stay in shape.

But its not just weight loss that has caused this dramatic change. She has undergone a nose job and she says it’s because she had a deviated septum.  Don’t know if that was really the problem or if its just an excuse for surgery but she looks much better after the surgery.

Before and after plastic surgery

Miley Cyrus likes to show her crotch on stage

July 25, 2011 4 comments

Seems like our Hannah Montana is all grown up and ready to show her curves. Even the curves we don’t really wanna see like her crotch curves.

miley pussy

miley underwear

yuck miley cyrus

miley crazy crotch

How Katrina Kaif Got a Body Like Sheila!

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Katrina Kaif was never fat but she wasn’t fit either. Ever since her debut in Boom she was considered a sexy and curvy actress. But apart from her raunchy scenes in Boom she stayed away from midriff exposing clothes and maintained a sweet and cute image.


Katrina Kaif wasn’t told to lose weight for the item song ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ but it was her own decision to hit the gym to tone up her body. It surely was a great decision. She would go to the gym at 11.30 pm after her day’s work!

Katrina Kaif diet tips: Eating the right foods, in right quantities. Diet plays important part, drink more and more water, avoid oily food and stay out from sun.

I kick start my day with three to four glasses of water. I exercise. I love swimming, jogging, gymming — this gives blood circulation a boost and skin feels healthier.

But getting a body like Shiela isn’t an easy job, it took Katrina Kaif six months to get this fit.

According to the film unit of Tees Maar Khan, Katrina has never looked so sexy ever before.



katrina kaif sheila



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